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Welcome to this short presentation on SEO do enjoy and learn.

I am going to talk about what is SEO is, why SEO important and why LKD MARKETING for your SEO.

Let’s get into it there are two types of SEO

1. On Page 

2. Off Page

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization also known as organic search

SEO is the process of increasing organic traffic on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). It is basically ranking a page or website on top positions on search engines such as Google

Type of SEO as I have stated are On Page SEO and Off Page SEO

On Page SEO - Optimizing certain elements on your website saw that you can be found for a particular keyword, keyword is the words your customers use to find your services you need to research them.

Off Page SEO – It’s the process linking and promoting your website using link building. This helps in improving website recognition, credibility, trustworthiness and authority.

You need both Off Page and On Page SEO to rank your website on top positions

WHY SEO is important

To rank your website on the top page when your customers search your services

Why you would not rank on the top page

· Competitors have better content than yours

· Improper usage of keywords 

· Poor link building : Link building is other websites linking back to you or linking internally inside your website

· Your website load time is slow

· Your website does not have good user experience.


Let me assume you want to get into the top rankings on Google?

Multiple top positions on Google or just a Few for Specific Keywords?

Super-Fast and Efficient Great Service with a Smooth process?

We have managed to rank 100% of our clients in the top 3 positions on page one on Google in less than 90 days super-fast.

On your screen you should see some testimonies and actual results for our customers

We continue to rank companies in different industries some more competitive than others?

How do we do that we simply work harder than the companies occupying those positions, apply the to types of SEO I have shown you and optimize your services fully, if you know of a better way do let us know!

Getting to the top position is a great way to generate you constant flow of leads every month and awareness for your business or brand.

What we have discovered that the keywords a company usually wants to go for those are not the only keywords that will bring the leads they want.

We have tested this in more than 120 companies in different industries there’s usually keywords around those keywords that will bring more relevant traffic that converts to customers.

Saw with all our existing customers we did a full keyword research audit and went in real deep to all possible profitable keywords which allowed them to make a really informed decision.

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SEE you Soon remember it’s all about results